IP Transit Services

When buying IP Connectivity, it's important to consider how large the IP network, how much traffic stays on that IP network and how quickly your internet request can reach its end-destination.

By connecting our customers with Level 3's IP backbone, we provide carrier customers, large enterprises and web portals the best of all worlds — the most highly connected network, the lowest latency to reach any part of the network and the fewest hops to transverse the global internet.

Since more than 40% of the world's internet transveres the Level 3 backbone and since more than 70% of requested content stays on the Level 3 backbone, its no wonder that the saying, "Level 3 IS the Internet" holds true.

High Speed IP (HSIP)

Our Level 3 High Speed IP (HSIP) offering is a dedicated wholesale high-speed Internet service that rides on Level 3's continuously upgradeable IP network – perfect for high-bandwidth customers. For information about our peering policy, see our traffic exchange principles.

Internet Access Benefits

  • Redundant, self-healing IP architecture keeps your critical business applications up and running.
  • Access end-to-end reliability on our privately-owned and managed fiber infrastructure, which enables proactive capacity monitoring and problem resolution.
  • With access of up to 10 GigE at our edge servers, you can get lower costs, simpler management and scalability that allow your service to grow with your business.
  • Get one of the fastest routes to the most important Internet destinations.

Internet Access Service Details

  • Proven performance.
  • IP port speeds that range from DS-1 to 10 GigE.
  • High-speed Internet provider with high-quality, high-capacity Tier 1 IP service across North America and Europe.