Point to point or Point to Multi-Point IP connectivity is crucial for telecom carriers and large enterprises alike as crucial pieces of information are routed and exchanged between data centers, offices, or POPs.

With its regional relationships with telecom operators in the Middle East and its relationships with the world's largest global IP network, the Telecommarket Ltd can provide the best options for connectivity from, to, and within the Middle East, Europe, and the US.

Private Line

The Telecommarket Ltd Private Line solution, powered by Level 3, offers a secure, dedicated service with the flexibility and reliable worldwide connectivity required for your most sensitive traffic. Private Line provides enhanced reliability through the use of SONET and SDH architectures. Build your business networks with confidence with the power and reliability of our worldwide, award-winning backbone.

Private Line Service Benefits

  • Worldwide Connectivity: Level 3 Private Line services can be delivered worldwide on owned fiber networks across three continents in more than 45 countries.
  • Metro Depth: A global footprint provides support for worldwide implementations while our metro imprint delivers unmatched localization capabilities.

Private Line Service Benefits

  • Security: Private Line services offer dedicated bandwidth for high-priority business applications, such as voice and video traffic, using trusted SONET and SDH architectures for unmatched performance.
  • Reliability: Level 3 Private Line architecture provides fully diverse paths for transport, and immediate restoration in case of outages.
  • Flexibility: Private Line services are protocol independent and can carry IP, voice, data and video as Layer 2 or Layer 3 traffic.


Choosing the right telecommunications solution for your voice, video and data traffic can be complex. Using an MPLS IPVPN network can help simplify your decision and provide the privacy and advanced features that are not available with public IP solutions. Our innovative, dedicated MPLS backbone gives you the ability to converge and prioritize traffic, so critical applications like voice and video are not compromised by less time-sensitive applications such as email.

The MPLS/IPVPN service delivers a secure, private IPVPN over a dedicated MPLS network. You can access this high-performance service over Ethernet or traditional TDM connections. Our MPLS/IPVPN service is a cost-effective alternative to private lines, providing high levels of privacy, security, reliability and performance while leveraging the scalability of an end-to-end IP solution.

MPLS/IPVPN Services Benefits

  • The Level 3 MPLS / IPVPN is ideally-suited for delivering cloud applications with increased reliability.
  • International reach and extensive U.S. metro footprint enable seamless business growth and expansion.
  • Easily prioritize network traffic and manage bandwidth based on your company's usage and needs.
  • Choose from an extensive range of products and services to create a custom, high-performance network specifically built to match your businesses needs.
  • Use existing hardware, applications and technologies — integration is seamless and worry-free.

MPLS/IPVPN Services Details

  • International connectivity and reach in more than 450 core network markets.
  • Based on the Internet Engineering Task Force IETF RFC4364 standard for utmost security.
  • Interfaces ranging from T-1 to Gigabit Ethernet (including MLPPP).
  • Six classes of service (CoS) for optimal traffic prioritization.