Internet Broadcast services

Online video creation and distribution has seen tremendous demand and development over the past decade. The internet's Live Streaming services and Video on Demand are being embraced by broadcasters, social media networks, and even enterprises as the power of this audio visual form of communication is the most rich and engaging media. The Telecommarket Ltd's solutions for Internet Broadcasting are built on best-of-breed vendors that provide the most reliable and state of the art technology for every part of the content work flow. We help traditional and new age broadcasters spread their content and branding to a new and even global audience as well as enable web portals and enteprises to use video to enhance their existing content offering.


Online media distribution is booming. Distributers are sending more video via the Internet, and demand for high-quality online video that is delivered smoothly and quickly is rising accordingly. The challenge: streaming media requires the connection between content sources and the consumer to be flawless.

The Telecommarket Ltd is uniquely positioned to support the rich-media delivery that users demand. Powered by one of the most connected content delivery networks in the world, the Level 3 Streaming platform is designed to support the next generation of streaming for leading media formats. Using this network, combined with Level 3 Vyvx video broadcast backhaul services, we can be your single-source transport provider, from Content Creation to Consumption.

Streaming Service Benefits

  • Effortlessly handle HD content, flash crowds and peak loads.
  • Improve download speeds and quality as your content is instantly available at the edge of the Internet.
  • No single point failure, backed by 100 percent uptime SLA.
  • Provide streaming services without having to deploy dedicated infrastructure and licensing.

Streaming Service Details

  • Level 3 offers streaming of live events or live event series for multiple days or sessions, and "always live" events with continuous streaming of ongoing broadcasts.
  • On-demand streaming video of pre-recorded content can be made available any time.
  • Value-added features include token-based authentication and content management tools, storage for improved performance and file availability, and much more.


Not that long ago, the idea of transmitting a live video online seemed unattainable; but you would never know it from looking at the Internet today. New markets for your live media are cropping up every day. Before you can profit from these markets, your videos have to be formatted to reach them. The Telecommarket Ltd's encoding service provides the proven, cost-effective solution you need, and it's powered by Level 3, a company that helped pioneer live online broadcasting.

Every online broadcast is unique, and requires ingenuity and expertise to make sure your audience gets the high-quality video they demand. Few can match Level 3's depth of knowledge and range of capabilities. They were the first to develop an end-to-end solution for delivering live video online. Encoding is at the heart of that solution, transforming your video, at the point of acquisition, into any major IP-optimized format for delivery to your audience.

Encoding Service Benefits

  • Our Encoding service accommodates requirements of any size, at any time and location, for as many customers simultaneously as required.
  • Service is available and supported globally, 24 x 7, so you can deliver live streaming content anytime, anywhere.
  • Level 3 provides several options for redundancy, including multiple encoder facilities and multiple encoders within a single facility.

Encoding Service Details

  • Input signal source support for any SD or broadcast signal including SDI or ASI, DV-45 or Compressed MPEG-2.
  • Output support:
    IP Encoding to stream: Adobe Flash or Windows Media technologies
    IP Encoding to file: Adobe Flash or Windows Media technologies
  • Simultaneous encoding to multiple bit rates, outputs and formats while supporting encoding and delivery of live or archived video content.