Sales Development

Sales development is the heart of our organization's offering. We have demonstrated significant expertise in this area from our day to day activities revolving around sales. We possess a long track record of successfully helping organizations aggressively increase their sales output and productivity. This we do either as an outsourced salesforce or on consultancy basis.

Organisations need not invest in physical operations in every region or face the risks and hazards of hiring staff. Organisations can now leverage on our expansive network of sales agents for new market operation or full time sales operations. We update our client weekly or at agreed intervals on progress and milestones reached. Now we offer expert recruiting services to our clients. Our recruiting division goes beyond usual recruiting methods by just professional networking, we source candidates through our extensive referral program. Our interview process is in four phases to ensure that candidates have been fully screened and qualified. We also conduct 360 degree reference checks which requires writing samples and performing sales psychology testing through a sophisticated personality test.

In Telecommarket Ltd, we are proud and confident to handle on behalf of our client the entire sales development process from customer evaluation of product and services , presenting, exchanging and negotiating commercial terms and finally to customer approval of product capabilities and acceptance of commercial terms.