Web Accelerator

Your website is a critical extension of your brand and business. Online users today are sophisticated, impatient and unforgiving. With their unwillingness to wait more than three seconds for your website to load, meeting and exceeding customers' expectations depends on pages loading instantly. If your site is slow, users disengage. If content is not enticing, users lose interest. If your site is not secure and fails, visitors may not come back.

With your reputation and profitability at stake, it's critical that your site delivers a secure, fast, high-quality online customer experience. However, buying and managing hardware and capacity can be costly and complex. The Telecommarket Ltd helps you keep costs down while ensuring network performance, security and fast delivery of your high-quality content, as well as a superior user experience with our Web Acceleration services, powered by Level 3

Site Accelerator

Your website is a critical extension of your brand and business. If your network is overloaded or has poor connectivity, website speed can be slow or fail altogether — negatively affecting the perception of your brand and possibly impacting your bottom line. With the Telecommarket Ltd's Site Accelerator services, powered by Level 3, you can deliver a high-quality web experience without the high cost of buying and managing the additional hardware and network capacity you need.

Site Accelerator Service Benefits

  • Greatly amplify the speed, reliability and performance of your site, even during peak loads and flash crowds to help elevate your brand loyalty.
  • Dramatically reduce the complexity and cost of delivering growing volumes of content as your website's popularity and audience grows.
  • Reduce the need to buy or manage more hardware, easing the burden on your own network and letting your IT resources focus on what they do best.
  • Drive the monetization of your online assets by consistently delivering the high-quality web experience your customers and advertisers expect.

Site Accelerator Service Details

  • Copies of your website files are hosted on Level 3's Content Delivery Network (CDN).
  • When an end user types in your web address, the request is redirected to our CDN and content is transparently served to them from Level 3's most optimal cache server.
  • Delivery of your web pages and content are accelerated on Level 3's IP backbone.
  • No additional network capacity or hardware has to be purchased; no modifications to your web content are necessary.

Site Transformer

Websites are increasingly large and complex and can present many performance obstacles, including perpetual and expensive performance tuning and ever-increasing user expectations. Our cloud-based Site Transformer service, powered by Level 3, is designed to optimize HTML-based websites and Internet applications by dynamically transforming what your web servers would deliver to your end users and optimizing your HTML code to vastly improve site performance.

Site Transformer Service Benefits

  • Increase your end users' satisfaction by speeding up your website, making it faster and more reliable.
  • Support time and cost efficiencies with Level 3's industry-leading IP backbone.
  • Add on to your existing technology nearly seamlessly with our cloud-based service.
  • Reach more end-user networks quickly and directly over one of the best-connected networks in the world

Site Transformer Service Details

  • Dynamically rewrites HTML in a manner that adapts to actual customer usage of your site
  • Reduces the total number of HTTP requests to render a page's content by combining multiple resources into a single consolidated server roundtrip.
  • Deploys a number of advanced techniques that optimize repeat views for users and targets the acceleration of page flows through a website — users never get the same resource twice and stale resources are never served to users.
  • Arranges each page's resources optimally for each browser type without affecting the functionality of the page