Caching services

Your customers might access your content over televisions, computers or mobile devices, but regardless of how they access it, they want it now. The Telecommarket Ltd can deliver it with our caching and load balancing services powered by Level 3.

By combining the advantages of Level 3's industry-leading Internet backbone with a sophisticated, proven content delivery platform, we can provide high-performance, highly scalable services and simplified delivery that quickly and reliably deliver your high-quality content and large file libraries to audiences across the globe.

Caching & Download

In today's Internet-driven world, your audience demands instant access to your online content — whether they're accessing your company websites and online applications, or downloading music files or software. These demands for a faster, richer web experience, along with increasing file sizes and unpredictable traffic, can make it challenging to live up to user expectations without costly investments in web-hosting infrastructure.

Our Caching & Download service, powered by Level 3, offers you one of the industry's most cost-effective solutions for quickly and reliably delivering high-quality content to audiences across the globe. As one of the first major content delivery service providers in the industry, and the only one with its own global Tier 1 IP network, Level 3 has over 10 years of experience delivering high-quality content, sites and online events for companies worldwide.

Caching & Download Service Benefits

  • Deliver superior digital content, even during peak loads and flash events.
  • Your end users can experience reliable and fast-loading access to all of your digital content regardless of file size, media type or their location.
  • Customizable delivery features give you content-delivery options that best suit your business model while boosting cost efficiency.

Caching & Download Service Details

  • Global network of caching locations.
  • Standard Caching, Origin Offload or Level 3 Content Delivery for Extended Libraries (CDXL) services.
  • Historical and real-time usage reporting.
  • Dedicated online management portal.

Intelligent traffic manager

You can't afford traffic backups slowing the delivery of your high-quality content. Optimal network performance and 24 x 7 uptime are vital to your success. While standard DNS services can be used to help distribute requests evenly across the network, they don't account for current server loads, traffic backups caused by hardware problems or geographic issues. Our Intelligent Traffic Manager service, powered by Level 3, is designed to do all of this and more.

The Intelligent Traffic Manager service is a DNS-based load-balancing offering. It can transparently monitor and route wide-area traffic to any publicly accessible IP application, website or CDN based on policies you determine — without the cost or hassle of constantly upgrading your infrastructure. By simplifying your traffic management, you can enhance your end users' experiences.

Intelligent Traffic Manager Service Benefits

  • Easily manage Internet traffic by using our Intelligent Traffic Manager service for automatic failover, global load balancing, geo intelligence or any combination of the three.
  • Decrease your costs for bandwidth and caching by controlling where and how traffic is distributed.
  • Securely administer the Intelligent Traffic Manager service using our web-based portal.

Intelligent Traffic Manager Service Details

  • Routes end users to the closest, best-performing server based on location.
  • Configures a static traffic-distribution policy by specifying the percentage of traffic directed to each application server.
  • Enables definition of "overflow" rules to handle spillover traffic, or all traffic in the event of a total failure .