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2010- Telecommarket Limited facilitates sale of UB200 Platform for Globacomm Nigeria.

Telecommarket Limited has announced today that it has successfully closed a sales transaction involving the configuration and activation of the Peerapp Ultraband 200 media cache engine at Globacom Nigeria. The Senior Vice President Sales, Telecommarket Limited, Mr. Ejimofor Akah in his remarks said that Globacomm Nigeria has further strengthened her position in the broadband market by this unique acquisition. According to him, the Ultraband 200 is not only an HTTP cache engine, but has a combined ability to cache HTTP and P2P traffic at the same time thus allowing the operator to fully optimize its bandwidth resource and create an immediate competitive advantage. Speaking on this deployment, the Globacomm manager in charge of the project-Mr. Felix Nwoshu described the Nigeria internet user as demanding in terms of internet speed and availability. Therefore, with the introduction of the UB200 platform from Peerapp, the company would be in a great position to serve Nigerians. Peerapp llc is a US company with headquarters in Boston. The company was set up in 2004 to focus on growing demand for Internet video and other forms of online multimedia. It has the UB patent and it was successfully launched in 2006 with market presence in APAC, CALA, US and EMEA.

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