• PeerApp Ltd

    PeerApp Ltd. is the leading provider of Intelligent Media Caching solutions that enable Network Operators to deliver and accelerate Internet video and other forms of multimedia content. PeerApp's UltraBand products allow operators meet the bandwidth and service quality challenges of the Video Internet and satisfy the demand from their subscribers.

  • Level 3 Communications

    Level 3 Communications is the world's leading provider of IP services over one of the world's most advanced, IP-optimized networks. Level 3 handles nearly 50% of world's IP traffic and owns the largest global fiber optic network in the EU and the US.Level 3 is trusted by the world's largest bandwidth consumers, including Microsoft, Yahoo, Verizon, AOL, Sprint, and Facebook.

  • Kaonmedia

    Kaonmedia launched into business in 2001 when the advancing digital tv industry necessitated cutting edge products designed by the most experienced specialists of the digital set-top box industry.To meet the needs of the industry, Kaonmedia teamed up with CAS (Conditional Access System)like Conax and NDS to launch a variety of high-end products based on middleware platform.The product line up include satellite, cable, terrestrial, IPTV and hybrid set-top boxes.

  • IpNX Nigeria Limited

    IpNX Nigeria Limited is a leading provider of infrastructure-based Telecommunications and Information Technology services here in Nigeria. ipNX currently provides a range of communications and IT services to Corporate organizations within Nigeria on its IP (Internet Protocol) based communications network using both radio and satellite communications technologies.